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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Closings

Commercial properties are always high-value and high-stakes.  At the Law Offices of Jeffery J. Nutschnig we can help with our years of experience working with hundreds of clients of buyers, investors, landlords or other interested parties to provide clear knowledgeable legal counsel.  This includes not only purchases and sales of property zoned for business, but also the structuring of and entry into lease agreements.


Serving Buyers, Sellers And Landlords

Our experience across the spectrum of real estate transactions, contract negotiations and related issues can be a tremendous asset if you are:

  • Evaluating or pursuing a purchase of commercial real estate or a multifamily residential property
  • In need of knowledgeable legal counsel as a landlord dealing with a problem tenant and evaluating viable options, including eviction in a manner consistent with landlord-tenant law
  • Preparing to sell commercial or residential property and in need of an experienced real estate closing attorney who emphasizes due diligence and efficiency
  • Preparing to lease property or extend a lease agreement to a prospective tenant


The Law Offices of Jeffery J. Nutschnig can help you effectively and smoothly handle your closing while saving time, expense and your interests.

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Are you planning to purchase or sell a commercial property or are you a landlord looking to lease your property?  The Law Offices of Jeffery J. Nutschnig can help you efficiently and smoothly handle the closing.  So schedule your free consultation today.