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Testimonials From Clients

Wonderful to work with Jeff! He is kind, patient and explains everything. Easiest closing I’ve done in awhile. Thanks Jeff! - J.F

I highly recommend Attorney Jeff Nutschnig for any legal needs. He is extremely knowledgeable, respectful & efficient. Anyone needing legal advice, I refer to him. You are in great hands. My family will continue to use him for all our legal needs. - C.L.

Our family has hired Jeff Nutschnig to perform legal services for several of our properties. His outstanding prep work made each closing a very simple procedure. We were consulted on every matter and each time a thorough explanation was given. We were very happy with his service and would hire them for any of our legal matters. - Stents

I used Jeff Nutschnig for a Real Estate purchase and had a fantastic experience. Jeff was critical to getting our purchase closed as we were in a transaction that did not involve realtors. There was so much to do and Jeff went above and beyond, not only helping me along with what a realtor would normally do but he also held the sellers and their legal team accountable to stick to dates and keep promises. In the end we closed the deal on time and we feel like we got the better end of the deal on the purchase. Doubtful that we would have had a similar experience with another lawyer as Jeff seemed to take our transaction very personally. I'd imagine that is how he conducts himself on all of his cases. Highly recommend! - B.W

Jeffery is supporting me throughout the whole process of my case. He explains and guides me through every detail of my case. Very professional, responsible, and knowledgeable. I am very content with his services. I strongly recommend him!!! - J.Z.

I've worked with Jeff Nutschnig many times over the years and highly recommend him. - Q.O.

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