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Difficult Tenant?

Landlord-tenant law and required eviction processes have changed dramatically in the Chicago land area over the past two decades. As a result, there are many pitfalls for landlords.  If done incorrectly, you will have to refile the proceeding resulting in valuable time and money being wasted.  Jeff Nutschnig will explain the process and get it done correctly the first time.


Facing Eviction?

It can be an extremely stressful time when you receive a notice for eviction.  It can cause tensions to rise on both sides.  You are losing a home and facing the possibility of homelessness.  Get in contact with the lawyers at the Law Offices of Jeffery J. Nutschnig to help you settle with a peaceful outcome.


How can Nutschnig Law Help?

However reasonable you may be in working with tenants, and however well you maintain your rental properties, problems can arise that threaten to cost you serious money and time.  At the Law Offices of Jeffery J. Nutschnig, we have extensive experience navigating the eviction process properly and effectively for landlords — as well as identifying alternative solutions that are sometimes more cost-effective.

  • Negotiation of a mutual release agreement if the best path is to release claims on both sides without proceeding with a formal eviction
  • Proper completion of all necessary steps for a lawful eviction, with emphasis on timeliness, affordably and dependable protection of your best interests as a landlord

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Do you have a troubling tenant or are facing an eviction your self?  The Law Offices of Jeffery J. Nutschnig can help you resolve you problem in a peaceful and timely manner.  Schedule your free consultation today.